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HCH Bond 1050 WA
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Specification of

HCH Bond 1050 WA

HCH BOND 1050WA is environmental friendly, low temperature (25 ~ 35°C) nano technology coating for the replacement of conventional phosphate pre-treatment process.

HCH BOND 1050WA do not content heavy metals like nickel, zinc, manganese and phosphate salts, and free of VOC, its eliminated and simplified the heavy trade effluent treatment process, hence great cost saving.

HCH BOND 1050 WA is suitable to treat steel, aluminium, and electro-galvanized steel, or mixed production of metal by either spray or immersion.

HCH BOND 1050WA can be easily converted from the existing phosphate treatment line without much modification to the equipment; minus changes of operating parameter is all it needed.

Surface Coating

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