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Brightener  ZN 438
Brightener  ZN 438
Brightener  ZN 438
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Specification of Brightener ZN 438

ZN 438 

The ZN-438 process is a non-cyanide plating system for rack and barrel plating. ZN-438 produces uniform bright and fine-grained deposits with excellent uniform thickness distributions over the total current density and temperature ranges up to 35°C. Since iron poses no problem in the solution, all equipment from regular cyanide zinc plating can be used for the process. Zinc plated parts can easily be chromated and passivated. Zinc deposits achieved in ZN-438 process are extremely ductile, this process has special applications for parts which must be later on bent, formed, or welded.

As the system is non-cyanide and contains no hard complexing agents, therefore a simple naturalisation of the rinse or solution will precipitate all zinc metal which then can be removed by decantation or filtration.
The zinc metal content range is from 10 - 20 gm/lit. The metal to caustic soda ratio will be 1 : 12.

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